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Finishing Touches

It’s October! It’s almost time to get dressed up and Trick-or-Treat. And we have a treat for you all! Constance’s Bus is just about done! Here’s a fun little update video of our progress (we’ve made even more progress since this video too!).

It’s been a year and a half since we met Constance, Miracle, and David, and we cannot believe we finally made it to the finish line. It’s been a long journey full of hope, passion, mistakes, and a whole lot of learning experiences.

We owe so much to all the organizations, businesses, and individuals who supported us through this project. We want to thank Kathleen Sullivan and everyone at the Greater Richmond Faith Project for guiding us through the complex issues of battling homelessness in the Bay Area and acting as our go-to people for pretty much everything. We want to thank Billie Burdick, our head contractor for putting in more work than we ever could have asked for. Without your patience and dedication, and hours of extra labor you volunteered, we would have never been able to finish the build. We want to thank Amanda Beckenhauer for coming on and supporting the construction efforts. We want to thank Joe Serrano from Tentmakers Nonprofit for being our advocate and advisor while navigating the legal aspects that come with nonprofit work. We also want to thank the donors who made both monetary and material contributions to the project: SunRun Solar, Home Depot of El Cerrito, Channel Lumber, Ashby Lumber, Lowe’s of Dublin, Menbere Aklilu, Urban Ore, and Neighborhood Woods.

We are so overwhelmed by the immense community support we received, and are so lucky to know that our Bay Area communities share our same determination in fighting against homelessness. We also want to thank all who donated to our GoFundMe page and who kept up with our journey on social media. Even small things like moral support really went a long way for us.

But, most of all we would like to thank Constance, Miracle, and David for trusting us to help them in creating their tiny house, and teaching us that our home is in our hearts. We hope you found a home in us as much as we did in you. Thank you for sticking with us through all the bumps in the road and never losing confidence in our ability to finish the project. We are so grateful you were brought into our lives.

Now that we are wrapping up, we want to celebrate with all of you! On Saturday, October 26th we will be attending GRIP’s 33rd annual Harmony Walk, their annual charity event aimed to bring the community together and raise money in efforts to endless homelessness and hunger. We will be there with Constance and the kids, and their new house! So please, register for the event and come check out the finished bus! It’s been a long time waiting, and we want to share in this amazing moment with you

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