Green Streets

Stormwater runoff continues to be a pressing environmental issue especially as we, now more than ever, are facing the challenges of climate change in our world. Stormwater management refers to the…
Miami skyline concept of sea level rise and flooding from global warming

Rising Sea Levels

Rising sea levels are only one of the many consequences of climate change. As the global temperature rises, the rate of glacier melting also increases, thus leading to not only higher…

Redlining and Structural Racism

Photograph: Rick Wilking/Reuters Conversations surrounding structural racism and the Black Lives Matter movement extend far beyond police brutality (though, those conversations are of course important). Redlining and other segregation policies are another…

SHAC and Racial Justice

We stand with Black Lives Matter, though just a statement is not nearly enough. SHAC is committed to incorporating the fight against systemic racism and inequality into the fabric of our…

Introducing SHAC!

It’s summer, you know what that means… Organizational changes! No? Just me? Okay…  You may have noticed our brand new website, social media handles, and team members; and so, without further…

SHAC is an interdisciplinary group of undergraduate and graduate students at UC Berkeley with a shared passion for sustainability in the built environment.

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