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Warmboard Inc. Sponsorship

THIMBY 3.0 is extremely excited to announce that we have partnered with WarmBoard Inc., who has generously offered to sponsor our THIMBY project once more and provide us with their hydronic floor heating systems!! WarmBoard focuses on premier radiant systems and has been generous enough to sponsor our previous  THIMBY 1.0 and Solar Decathlon projects! 

Warmboard Inc. has designed and donated 210 sq. ft. of Warmboard-S radiant panels, PEX tubing, fittings, and a manifold. We are incredibly excited to integrate these panels into our zero-emission heating systems — which will also feature an electric water heater powered exclusively by solar energy and a flat plate heat exchanger for closed-loop water recirculation through the flooring.

The Warmboard-S product fits perfectly into THIMBY’s mission for sustainability by reducing the number of energy-consuming appliances the home requires. It is low maintenance and allows for comfortable, evenly-distributed heating of the tiny home.

Warmboard’s radiant heating system will enable our THIMBY project to elevate its energy efficiency performance to a whole new level! We look forward to working with them in the upcoming months as we plan and install the panels, and eventually showcase the finished product. Once the home is constructed and installed, we will share exactly how Warmboard-S performs within the THIMBY unit. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore their website to get more information on their mission and products, as it’s incredibly  innovative and exciting! To continue receiving updates on the THIMBY construction process or to donate to our project, please visit here. We are really excited to integrate so many great technologies into our tiny house, and allow more people to experience and live alongside offgrid energy and water systems! 

Gallery images courtesy of Warmboard Inc.

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