Current Members

Robyn Lim

Co-Vice President, Decal Facilitator, Solar Decathlon Member

B.A Architecture, Minor in GIST, Potential Minor in Sustainable Business and Policy

Robyn is an architecture student who desires to break the frustrating cycle of environmental destruction through effective information dissemination and resilient, regenerative design. Having witnessed calamities repeatedly ravage cities in her home country – the Philippines, she hopes to grow as a communicator and as an artist through SHAC, to utilize her voice and craft in bridging disparities, be it between disciplines or across communities. Indeed, Robyn likes to organize resources and spruce up visuals, though other times, she can be found watching Chinese historical dramas, making her own eccentric recipes, or closing her routines with a nice, relaxing savasana.

Bryan Tran

Co-President, Appliance/ Makerspace Coordinator, Solar Decathlon Member

B.A. Sustainable Environmental Design, Minor in GIS, City Planning

Hi! My name is Bryan and I am a third year major in sustainable environmental design. I am heavily interested in the ways that the built environment can effect the quality of life and interactions that people have in the city, so SHAC has been my home since 2020. Outside of working with SHAC, I enjoy birdwatching, playing video games, and exploring nature/the city. I am from SoCal, so come complain about water whenever you see me.

Victor Tze

Co-President, Director of SHAC Consulting, DeCal Director, Board Member, Social Media Officer

B.A. Architecture, Minor in Sustainable Design, Environmental Design and Urbanism in Developing Countries, and Food Systems

Victor is an architecture student and environmental educator at UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design. He is passionate about reversing the climate crisis and socio-environmental injustices through regenerative environmental design. Victor cares deeply about interdisciplinary collaboration in producing net-positive solutions for people and the planet and is particularly excited by the potentials of urban agriculture, biophilic design, and community engagement in creating happy, healthy, and just built environments. In his free time, Victor enjoys taking care of houseplants, doing yoga, cooking, and playing the viola!

GRAD34 - Mia Campbell

Mia Campbell

Solar Decathlon Project Manager

B.A. Architecture, Minor in Global Poverty and Practice

The built environment has always been an important part of Mia's life, as both an inspiration and as something she has wanted to improve upon. Specifically, she is passionate about harnessing the power of the built environment to expand transformative justice programs and advance abolitionist design practice. Currently she works as a designer at Design Draw Build, an Oakland-based architecture and construction firm. In her free time she enjoys playing rugby, drawing, and spending time outdoors. She is also known for possessing at least three partially eaten peanut butter containers at one time.

Alec Zhou

Internet of Things Lead, Solar Decathlon Media Lead

M.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Alec strongly believes that an effective approach to addressing a problem at the scale of climate change requires large scale computation and an intuitive interfaces between humans and machines. He enjoys reading, finding free software for friends, and occasionally going outside. Since graduating, he works as a software engineer at C3 AI while continuing to build SHAC on the side.

Garrett_Pohlman_grad_small - Garrett Pohlman

Garrett Pohlman

THIMBY Project Manager

B.S. Chemical Engineering

By day, Garrett works as an R&D Engineer for a battery materials manufacturing startup based at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. By night (and weekend) he builds THIMBY! Whether in the lab or at the build-site, Garrett is usually busy with his hands or thinking about what comes next. Growing up in the Bay Area, Garrett has experienced first-hand the impact of the ever rising cost of living, and he hopes to play a small role in making housing more affordable and sustainable. In his free time, Garrett loves to go on adventures throughout this beautiful state.

Amit Cohen

Director of Outreach, Solar Decathlon Member

B.A. Urban Studies, B.A. Statistics

As a statistics and urban studies major, Amit enjoys exploring the role that data analysis can play in shaping urban development. He hopes to combine this with an interest in urban planning theory to create sustainable and equitable cities. Amit is excited to continue to be a part of SHAC to learn first-hand about the housing design and construction process and to make new friends. When he is not telling people about how he studied abroad, he can be found experimenting with cooking new food, playing ultimate frisbee, or frolicking in nature.

Uranchimeg Altankhuyag

Co-Vice President, THIMBY Member

B.A. Landscape Architecture, Minor in Sustainable Design

Uranchimeg grew up in chilly Ulaanbaatar where she formed strong ties with nature by exploring and fostering natural spaces with their family. This grew into a passion to investigate and mitigate human impact. She hopes to help spread access to sustainable and adaptable spaces that can be homes for multiple generations. When she's not learning, Uranchimeg loves taking care of plants, painting, and enjoying brunch under the sun.

Beck Boyea

Internal Affairs Director, SD Arch Design and Landscape Design / Treasurer, Solar Decathlon Member

B.A Architecture, Minor in Landscape Architecture

Beck is a third year Architecture Major minoring in Landscape Architecture. He's interested in sustainable design, architecture theory, and cultural architecture. When he's not working on Solar Decathlon and SHAC Finances, Beck competes with the Cal Sailing Team, interns with CED Admissions, spend time on the Bay, and runs around Berkeley.

Johannes Yu

Construction Management Lead, Solar Decathlon Member

M.S. Construction Management

Before coming to Berkeley, Johannes used to work in the field of humanitarian projects, where his team enabled residents to rebuild their community by providing prefab components to post-disaster sites in developing countries in Asia. In his perspective, rights to housing should not be dictated by any capitalist market, and homes are not consumer products but the creations of dwellers.

Patrick Wendler

Technical Systems Lead, Solar Decathlon Member

M.S. Architecture, Building Science

I am a 2nd year Master's student studying Building Science, Technology, and Sustainability in the Architecture department. I am returning for my 3rd semester on the Solar Decathlon team, where I have been the Technical Systems sub-team lead. In this role, I mainly oversaw the design of the HVAC system, but also supported the development of the PV and energy management system as well as the water recycling systems. As this is my last semester at UCB, I will be spending much of this semester mentoring a new team member to transition into my role as the project continues continues the construction phase and onto final judgement.

Joshua So

Fundraising and Outreach, Solar Decathlon Member

B.S. Business Administration, Minor in City and Regional Planning

Joshua adds some ✨ spice ✨ to our team of architects and engineers by bringing some of that 🚨 finance/consulting bro 🚩 energy to our Solar Decathlon team. When he’s not writing grant requests or starting an 🤨 OnlyFans to fundraise for our project (kidding about the first part), you can find him hiking, playing volleyball, or recovering from burnout.

Benjamin Karni

Technical Systems Team Member, Solar Decathlon Member

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Energy Engineering

Hello there! I'm Ben, a senior at UC Berkeley studying mechanical and energy engineering. I'm passionate about electric cars, product design, sustainability engineering, renewable energy, 3D printing, nanotechnology, and city planning, as well as learning languages, making music, and playing ultimate frisbee. I love SHAC!

Asutosh (Ashu) Jain

Electrical / Energy / Controls Team Member, Solar Decathlon Member

B.S. Energy Engineering, Minor in Environmental Economics and Policy

Growing up in a household that valued sustainability, Ashu became interested in environmental issues from a young age. Realizing that many of our climate change solutions lie in the energy industry, he is pursuing a degree in Energy Engineering, with a concentration in data. He is particularly interested in making renewable energy more effective and accessible. In his free time, he likes to read, cook, and go to concerts.

Neerav Ankem

Structural Engineer, Solar Decathlon Member

B.S. Civil Engineering, Minor in Data Science

Civil engineering final year student who loves to travel, game, play sports, and workout.

Yujin Huh

Energy / Controls Team Member, Solar Decathlon Member

B.S. Energy Engineering, Potential Minor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Hello! I am currently a freshman majoring in Energy Engineering and am excited to join the SHAC Team! Some of my favorite hobbies include hiking, painting, traveling, spending time with friends, and watching Korean Dramas. I hope to dive deeper into sustainability and the mission of SHAC, while also learning more about the Energy and Construction fields. I look forward to working in the Solar Decathlon Project and hope to meet new peers throughout this year!

Blake Thomas

Solar Decathlon Member

B.S. Sustainable Environmental Design & B.S. Data Science

A lifetime resident of the SF Bay Area, Blake has grown up fascinated by the amazing yet flawed environment of his upbringing. In high school, he took an interest in our government and its capacity to address social issues. Combining this interest in politics and his background in design, Blake has happily committed to studying urban design and public policy.

Danielle Louie

Solar Decathlon Member

B.A. Sustainable Environmental Design, Intends to Minor in Environmental Engineering

Growing up in a volunteer-oriented community, Danielle has participated in various environmental and sustainable efforts on different scales. Inspired to merge her artistic passions with sustainability, Danielle is pursuing her studies to design energy-efficient, affordable, and aesthetic systems. She is excited to explore her interests with SHAC and contribute to creating a greener, healthier society. Along with sustainability, Danielle loves visual arts, music, hiking, and cooking for friends.

Amira Belhedi


B.S. Society and Environment, Minor in Digital Journalism and City and Regional Planning

Amira Belhedi is a fourth year majoring in Society & Environment with an emphasis in US Environmental Policy & Management. She is also pursuing a minor in Digital Journalism. Through her education at Cal, Amira explored the complexity of the environmental field through a social, scientific, and cultural lens. She is passionate about enacting place-based projects that effectively serve the needs of a community. She is excited to learn, grow and be a part of SHAC's THIMBY project. In her free time, Amira enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling and taking photographs!

Zainab Alyosha

Social Media Officer, Energy / Controls Team Member, Solar Decathlon Member

B.S. Energy Engineering

Growing up in an area surrounded by oil refineries made me realize the ecological effects of those factories. Hence, I came all the way from Saudi Arabia to obtain the knowledge I require and employ it to develop new environmentally friendly methods of energy production; Supported by King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. My passion for the renewable energy field grew along with me and continues to motivate me to go deeper into it. In addition to my academic work, I have been volunteering and truly enjoying photography since I was 9 years old. I also like exploring new places!

Tami Heletz

Internet of Things, Solar Decathlon Member

B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

By moving many times in childhood and experiencing different forms of urban infrastructure, Tami has been motivated to bring change with regards to power grids, power generation, and transportation systems across the US, hoping to create a more sustainable and efficient system for the people around her. In her free time, she enjoys musical theatre, baking, playing with her dog, meditation, and journaling.

Millicent Akayesi

Architectural Drawing Coordinator, Materials Procurement Coordinator, Solar Decathlon Member

M.A. Architecture

Millicent is an aspiring Architect and urban enthusiast with a keen interest in using design to re-imagine the future of cities and communities. Her interest in architecture stems from her desire to use design as a tool to create positive impact in the built environment through people-centered design. With interest in four sectors that are a big part of Millicent’s design thinking — community, sustainability, resilience, and health, she seeks to deliver greater impact to the built environment and create livable communities for all.

Vermouth Li

Solar Decathlon Member

B.A. Landscape Architecture

As a motivated and hardworking landscape designer, Vermouth has strong interest in architecture, graphic design and illustration. She is particularly passionate about sustainability design and computational design. In addition, she enjoys playing Guzheng and composing a lot.

Bhada Yun

Solar Decathlon / Outreach Member

B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Minor in Linguistics

Fueled by curiosity, sentimentality, and creativity, Bhada is committed to sustainable practices to leave a positive footprint on the planet. He recognizes the power of computers and artificial intelligence in possibly aiding in making our practices cleaner and more efficient. He is especially focused on UI/UX and the power to reach people through programs to help drive green causes. Bhada loves to create, whether that be baking, making languages, ceramics, or writing, you will always see him working on something.

Seojin Choi

Solar Decathlon Member

B.A. Landscape Architecture, Minor in Data Science, City and Regional Planning

Fascinated by how built environment interacts with the users and better their lives, Seojin is currently majoring in Landscape Architecture with minors in City and Regional Planning and Data Science. She is especially passionate about sustainable developement, smart city technologies, and biophilic design and is excited to do relating works in SHAC! Outside of class, Seojin enjoys watching documentaries, exploring the city, and drawing.

Jinu Choi


B.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering

Jinu Choi, Class of 2025, Undergrad Sophomore at UC Berkeley, is studying Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Carina Kim

Solar Team, Solar Decathlon Member

B.A. Architecture, Minor in City Planning

From Las Vegas, Nevada, Carina Kim is a sophomore majoring in architecture with a minor in city-planning and linguistics. Carina is interested in how the built environment shapes and is shaped by urban-planning history and community development. After graduating, she hopes to practice affordable-housing in architecture in the Bay Area or in her hometown of Las Vegas. In her free time, Carina likes to read science fiction, sketch/explore Berkeley and SF, swim, learn Korean, and occasionally water her plant.

Lucy Rickey

THIMBY Social Media Manager

B.A. Global Studies

Raised in Los Angeles, Lucy was exposed to urban spaces from a young age. The interactions between humans and their built environments have interested her for many years. Lucy plans to earn a B.A. in Global Studies with a concentration in Global Development to pursue a career applying sustainable models of urban development to growing countries and communities. Through this pursuit, Lucy hopes that she can work with communIties who have been displaced from their homes to provide them with safe and secure housing. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time along the California coastline and attending concerts.

Connor Eubank


B.A. Global Studies

Hi, I'm Connor (they/them) and I'm a freshman at Berkeley studying Global Studies and THIMBY's Community Outreach and Publicity Manager for this year! I love to hang out with friends and explore the city, listen to everything from Mitski to MF Doom, and play D&D in my free time.

Linnea Jones


B.A. Sustainable Environmental Design

Originally from Chicago, Linnea witnessed and developed a passion for working towards solutions for the many injustices people face in Chicago. Linnea was drawn to Berkeley for its programs and projects in sustainable design. As a Sustainable Environmental Design major, Linnea has interests in food access, affordable housing, and building sustainable cities in the face of climate change. She loves spending time outdoors and has worked as an overnight camp counselor helping kids experience nature. She also loves to travel, read, and try anything sweet.

Karis Choi


B.A. Architecture

Hello, this is Karis Choi, a first-year architecture major at Cal! I love making things with my hands, whether it be through building, art, sewing, or playing instruments, and using my passion for these activities to support others in my community. I enjoy learning about sustainability and different mediums of design, as well as observing how people interact with the built environment and using this to create impactful work. I also have a cat named Scout and run a food blog with my friends (@foodpiggerz)!

Hannah Trinh

Media Committee Member

B.S. Environmental Science

Aside from being apart of SHAC, I enjoy going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and thrifting. Favorite Beach at the moment: Seal Beach

Ivanni Jamin

THIMBY Member, Business and Financial Model Manager

B.S. Environmental Science + Environmental Economics & Policy

Ivanni is an environmental science major interested in the intersection between innovative technologies and the built environment. Growing up between Indonesia, California, and Hawaii, Ivanni is inspired by a community’s relationship to the natural landscape, and furthermore hopes to create sustainable growth and help shape an environmentally equitable future. Her role in SHAC is the Business and Financial Model Manager, in charge of researching and planning out the future financial models for THIMBY homes. Outside of SHAC, Ivanni enjoys being in the ocean, sailing, hiking, and oil painting.

Erin Lum

Media Committee Member

B.A. Economics, Urban Studies

Erin is a second year student majoring in Economics and Urban Studies. She is very interested in city planning, and hopes to become a city planner after graduation. Outside of academics, she likes to run, lift weights, go to concerts, and explore restaurants.

Riley Yu

SHAC Consulting Member

B.A. and B.S. Econ, Data Science, and Urban Studies

Growing up in Shenzhen, a city that has transformed from a small fishing village into one of the vibrant cities in China in just four decades, I have enjoyed urban prosperity while witnessing the social issues brought by overpopulation, unaffordable housings, and lack of sustainability. Here at Cal, I’m thrilled to join SHAC and work with people who are also passionate about urban housing issues and sustainability in the built environment. Outside of school, I’m a shutterbug and cinephile. I also play tennis and enjoy all kinds of activities related to the nature (such as hiking!!!).

Abigail Griffith

Media Committee Member

B.A. Architecture

Abigail has always been fascinated by design. Although mostly experienced in Graphic Design, she discovered her passion for Environmental Design during the Pandemic through taking online Architecture and Environmental Design classes at Pasadena City College, ArtCenter College of Design, and NYU. She was an intern at The Gamble House in Pasadena, one of the best-preserved works of American Arts and Crafts Architecture, and has worked on home demolition projects with the nonprofit organization Attack Poverty. She hopes to promote the prioritization of sustainability, cultural expression, and social justice in the field of Architecture throughout her educational and professional career.

Sharanya Sahu

THIMBY Member, Tenancy and Ownership Policy Manager

B.A. Sustainable Environmental Design, Minor in City and Regional Planning and Data Science

Through my studies, I have learned about the historical and scientific aspects of the Climate Crisis, with a focus on the built environment. Outside of my studies and SHAC, I am involved with Telegraph for People, interning at an impact investing startup called FLIT Invest, and working in research on campus. My life goal is to contribute to real environmental change in some capacity. In my free time, I like playing music, solving puzzles and trying new foods!

Kayleigh Khandelwal

Solar Decathlon Member

B.S. Civil Engineering, Minor in Sustainable Design

Kayleigh is a third year Civil Engineering student with a passion for sustainable housing. Outside of SHAC, she is a member of the Chi Omega Fraternity and a gymnastics coach for Golden Bear Gymnastics. She is also an avid wakeboarder and snowboarder. She loves to travel and has a goal to go to every national park in the US.

Antonio Altamirano

Committee Member

B.A. Architecture, Intended Minor in Structural Engineering

Hi! My name is Antonio, and I am majoring in Architecture and intending to minor in Structural Engineering. I am originally from Washington, but moved to Chicago a few years back. I am very interested in learning how architecture can create smart and healthy living conditions through equitable and sustainable development. I love exploring Berkeley’s downtown area with friends and going hiking outdoors.

Amanda Tsang

SHAC Consulting Member

B.A. Landscape Architecture, Minor in Sustainable Design and Conservation Resource Studies

Amanda is passionate about the intersection of design and equity, especially with an emphasis on sustainability and life cycle impact. She hopes to synthesize the high impact and community-based work of SHAC and Solar Decathlon into guidances that can help scale real life projects to benefit underserved areas. In her free time, she enjoys bouldering, playing guitar, hiking, and skating.

Seena Farhadi

SHAC Consulting Member

B.A Economics, Minor in Public Policy

Born and raised in the Bay for all of his life, Seena was made acutely aware of the great socioeconomic disparities in the area. As a result, Seena involved involved himself with social justice projects and began working closely with unhoused communities through volunteerism in high school. During this time, Seena began to develop a better understanding of sustainable and practical solutions to address housing insecurity through public policy; Seena is excited to begin work as a consultant with SHAC to help strive towards solutions here in Berkeley. When not working, Seena enjoys boating, hiking, and hanging out with his dog!

Angela Chen

SHAC Consulting Member

B.A. Economics and B.S. Data Science

From an early age, Angela was an avid fan of National Geographic and a devoted member of several climate justice organizations. However, after her move from Phoenix to Berkeley, Angela was shocked by the severity of the housing crisis and its contributions to homelessness, inequality, and even global warming. As a result, she seeks to combine her interests in social impact and economics in SHAC Consulting, and hopes to contribute to sustainable housing solutions. In her free time, she enjoys helping plan FAST’s semesterly fashion show, listening to music, and trying new things.

Laurice (Laura) Hawatmeh

Engineering Team Member, THIMBY Member

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Hello! I joined SHAC in 2019 when I was a sophomore at Berkeley. Throughout college, being a part of SHAC became an important part of my life: it was meaningful, fun, and helped me find a community (which was extremely valuable especially during COVID). I am passionate about improving the condition of our planet and hope to pursue a career in environmental engineering, specifically working in something aimed toward sustainability, after I graduate in 2023. There's a couple important things that you should know about me: 1) I'm a new cat mom 2) I'm a fraternal twin 3) I'm Jordanian 4) I could eat Thai food all day everyday and 5) i'm a huge k-pop stan

Theo Wyss-Flamm

Code, Policy, and Standards Lead, THIMBY Member

B.A Sustainable Environmental Design

Theo passionately believes that urban environments are the human habitat of the future and is seeking to work toward this it through his studying of Sustainable Environmental Design. While he was born in Berkeley, he grew up in Philadelphia and in his free time he loves being outdoors, playing sports, and cooking.

Mishelle Abusada

Co-Construction Manager, THIMBY Member

B.A. Architecture, Minor in Sustainable Design

Hi everyone! I came to Berkeley all the way from Lima, Peru, to study architecture because it offered the sustainability element I was looking for. I love to be surrounded by nature and interact with it looking for an adrenaline rush or just some relaxation (hiking, camping, diving, tennis, skiing, swimming, skydiving, interacting with animals etc). Therefore, I am interested in investigating designs and technology that can bring us enriching connections with our environment without completely interfering with its historical or natural form.

Victoria Ng

Construction Team, THIMBY Member

B.A. Environmental Economics and Policy, Minor in Sustainable Environmental Design

Since coming to Berkeley, Victoria has had a chance to explore and expand her interest in environmental justice and sustainability. She shares a passion for the built environment with her family, and hopes to make meaningful contributions to solving the affordable housing crisis and moving the environmental justice movement forward. She’s excited to work with THIMBY to create a more just, sustainable world, one tiny house at a time. She also enjoys coffee, painting, badminton, and picking up instruments.

Adeline Leung

Architecture Lead, Solar Decathlon Member

B.A. Architecture, Minor in Structural Engineering

Growing up in Hong Kong, a dense, urban city with lots of public transportation, then moving to California, a spacious area with a lot of green space has allowed Adeline to experience two sides of the spectrum. That change in environment has shaped her interest in sustainability in many aspects: from the built environment to food to environmental justice, She is excited to be part of SHAC to delve further into these interests. In her free time she enjoys hiking, trying new foods, and dancing.

Echo Allen

Co-Construction Manager, THIMBY Member

B.A. Architecture

In order to disrupt inequity, we must disrupt the institutions that perpetuate it. Spaces, both physical and social, can determine the strength of the communities they host. Echo is excited to learn how to create new community spaces and repair established ones. Echo's lived experience is heavily influenced by the urban environment of Chicago as well as the undesigned landscape of the backcountry. She is thrilled to learn, work, and explore with the amazing people of SHAC.

SHAC is an interdisciplinary group of undergraduate and graduate students at UC Berkeley with a shared passion for sustainability in the built environment.

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