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California On Fire

As many of you have heard, seen and experienced for yourselves over the past few days, California is burning with raging wildfires all around the state. Between the loss of life, the vast destruction of property and the deterioration of air quality, this year’s fires are some of the worst in our lifetimes. And although it is inconvenient for us UC Berkeley students when events like the Big Game are cancelled and we are forced to stay indoors, we often forget how much worse it is for the homeless and most vulnerable in our community that have no where to seek refuge.

Image courtesy of @kellansworld (Instagram)
GRIP, the local nonprofit that we are working with, has faced a massive surge in the numbers of people seeking aid and shelter due to the fires. From lending a helping hand to those who lost their homes in the fire to sheltering people on the street from the hazardous air conditions outside, GRIP is focusing all of their energy and resources to helping its community members get through these trying times.

Out of respect and sympathy for victims of the California wildfires and their urgent need for aid, THIMBY will be postponing our fundraising launch for a few weeks. We will, however, still be volunteering at GRIP’s Thanksgiving event this Thursday to help our community in any way that we can. If you are in the area (165 22nd Street, Richmond, CA 94801), please drop by to say hi and donate some of your time if you can! Check out GRIP’s Thanksgiving event here to learn more!

With wildfires and other natural disasters becoming increasingly relevant and present in our lives due to the impacts of climate change, we at THIMBY are reminded just how important it is to build sustainable and affordable tiny homes for these communities– not just to protect the people who live in them but also to be friendly to the environment these homes are placed in and help reduce our negative impact on the climate.

At THIMBY, we hope that you all stay safe this Thanksgiving holiday. Limit the time you spend outdoors and if you need to go outside, please use a N95 mask. Take care of yourselves and everyone around you, and don’t forget to spend some quality time with your friends and family!

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– Nadine

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