THIMBY’s Front Door: A Collaboration with Pella and Coldwell Banker

We’re back from the SMUD 2016 Tiny House Competition! THIMBY braved a stormy journey from Sacramento to Richmond, but she’s now safely parked at the Richmond Field Station. THIMBY took 2nd place overall in the competition, and won specific awards for water conservation, sustainability, and home life. Here are a couple photos from the competition:

It was incredible to see the house we’ve been designing and building for 2 years actually sitting in a parking lot in Sacramento. Thanks to our extremely dedicated team, our awesome sponsors, and our friends and family, we were able to create a truly 100% solar-powered, off-grid tiny home. Today we’d like to recognize the support we’ve received from two of our great sponsors, Pella and Coldwell Banker.

We worked with Pella to choose the perfect windows and sliding glass door for THIMBY. Thanks to the Pella team, we found what we had hoped for: small windows for the home’s south and east facades, and a sliding glass door that would make THIMBY feel more spacious.

It was at this point that we received a note from Coldwell Banker: how could they help support our project? We’d met with one of their realtors, Karla Parker, months prior and now CB was interested in getting more involved. After talking with their team, CB decided to generously purchase the Pella sliding glass door we’d chosen. “It made perfect sense to donate the door to this wonderful social initiative,” said Kacie Ricker in an article published on California Home. “It was a symbolic gesture for us too. Coldwell Banker opens doors for people every day.”

We are extremely grateful to these two organizations for their partnership. Over 800 visitors have already walked through THIMBY’s sliding glass doors, and we look forward to welcoming many more.   


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